Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hiring A Professional

Today we are planning to have a realtor list our house.

We had been hesitant simply because every time we would call or prepare to list it we would have a potential buyer.  It really seemed like God was saying, "Hold on." 

Now that it's halfway through August and we don't have a contract, this seems like the best move to ensure we're settled before winter. 

We did get good news yesterday.  We asked our realtor, David if there was anything that could slow down the process once we had a contract.  He said to go ahead and have the house inspected for termites.  The guy came yesterday and said we're clear and he'd offer a 1 year warranty/insurance to our new buyer for $75.  He also said that our house is old enough we don't really have to worry about termites.

Uh what?  Sure enough, after 50 years the cellulose (what the termites eat) in wood is gone and our house was built in the late 1880's.  He said if this house were to ever get termites it would be in our trim, but the foundation and stud work is too old.  

YAY for a house with a petrified frame :)

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