Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Social Networking

Is it possible to sell your house via Facebook?

We're about to find out.  Jared and I had been seriously considering listing our house with a realtor (we still may due to the time crunch).

We called one realtor and talked with him for a bit.  After doing the math and figuring out his fees minus closing costs, minus taxes etc...we are barely left with enough for our down payment.  Let alone paying of the debt I have been dreaming about or updating anything in the new place.

Jared and I had a hard conversation about letting this house go asking ourselves the question, "Do we want the new house if we can't pay off debt or update anything at first."  Keep in mind the rose colored counter tops :)

The answer is YES.

So now we need to do everything we can to sell.  Including listing with a realtor that takes a $10k chunk right off the top.

I had already listed the house on a for sale by owner site.  We had light traffic.  In 24 hours we had 48 new views of the listing.   Last night I posted the link on Facebook with an incentive.  $500 to whoever refers our buyer, payable on closing with said buyer.

The link started showing up like crazy on everyone's news feed.  My friend Carrie B. has a chatty group of friends and they immediately started talking via messages about the house.  They posted it on their walls and before you know it hundreds of people that we don't even know are now looking at our link.

Within a hour our traffic picked up on our site and we had 112 new visitors to the page.  By midnight last night it was 158.  This morning, over 230!

We have a showing on Thursday!

We have decided to postpone listing it with a realtor until Monday.  I'm headed to the store to purchase some signs for the yard and a door knob for the back door (you know, the one that sticks) and we are going to see what happens over the weekend.

Keep us in your prayers.  This has been a stressful and draining experience but last night, for the first time in over a month, I started getting excited again!  I couldn't sleep.

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