Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get Your Veggie On

For all you healthy veggie eaters out there I have some deals you need to be aware of.

I went to Aldi yesterday with my Mom and they have great prices on bright beautiful veggies.

What I like to call the stop light peppers (yellow, red and green bell peppers 3 to a package) are only $1.29 a package.  My mom works at Dillon's and she said they're easily $5/package.

They have avocados for $.39 a piece!!  Holy guacamole!

I picked up two bundles of fresh asparagus for $1.29/bunch.

If you're not an Aldi fan it's time you become one.  The one in Leavenworth has great produce at great prices.  They even have fresh mozzarella in beautiful little balls of yumminess.

We started shopping there years ago and figured it easily saves us $200/month compared to only shopping Wal-Mart.  For all you couponers, every day prices at Aldi are better than double coupon days at Dillon's. 

Now go stock up!!

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