Monday, February 20, 2012

National Altic's Disney Vacation

It's official.  Our family is leaving this windy cold rainy weather and heading to the beaches of Florida!

We are so excited to be given this opportunity.  We are flying stand by, which allows our family of 7 to fly for the cost of one standard round trip ticket.

My husband is beside himself with the planning and organizing.  He loves to fly and travel and he's the perfect one to plan such a trip with his spreadsheets and research :)  I love my nerd, especially when he plans amazing vacations on a ridiculously tight budget.

We will be renting a van and going to visit Pat and Theresa while we're there.  I was asking the kids what they look forward to the most and Tanner said, "Seeing Pat," over Disney or the ocean.  Love that sweet boy.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we could ever take our brood to Disney.  I've always told the kids we chose more babies over fancy vacations.  Having more children is a life long investment where fancy vacations are fleeting.  So to get to have our babies and take them on vacation too?!!  It's just such a blessing.

If anyone has those carry-ons that roll with the pull handle we would love to borrow them.  Since we're flying standby we are only taking carry-ons and one for each family member.  The ones with wheels will be so much easier for the kids handle their own.

Be prepared for a photo bomb when we get back.  I'll try and keep the pics of Jared and I in our swim suits to a minimum :)

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