Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank God For Mondays!

What a weekend!  I've never been so glad to see Monday.

Friday and Saturday was the Women's retreat up at Mission Lake Christian camp.  I spoke Friday night and taught three classes on basic cake decorating on Saturday.  Not sure if it was just the emotional drain of preparing and teaching or staying up til 1:30 am and not sleeping much on those amazing bunks :)  but I came home wiped OUT.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Cherie's for her surprise 50th birthday party!  It was amazing and we were so thankful to be able to celebrate with her.  We love their family so very much.

Sunday brought it's own busyness and joys.  We got up early and headed to church where we celebrated with the Jones/Miller families on the baptism of Reese!  What a blessing.  I couldn't take my eyes off of Dana while Reese went forward.  Her expression and the love oozing from every poor was just priceless.  Good job Mom and Dad!  We are so proud of Reese's decision and we promise to help guide and shape him as he grows in the Lord. 

As soon as the baptism ended, I loved on Dana and loaded up the family to run home to eat super quick.  Anneliese had a date with Rapunzel at 1.  She was invited to a birthday party next door.  It was quite the experience. 

They hired Princess At My Party and had all the girls dress in their favorite princess attire.  It was such a neat party.  Anneliese was mesmerized by all the girls dresses and by Rapunzel.  It's all she's talked about.  Can I just say I was a bit out of my element here.  This was a whole new world for this mom of boys.  I had no idea there were parties like this.  What a neat experience for our sweet girl.  Too fun!

Anneliese and Princess Emily the birthday girl

Rapunzel and story time

all the girls listening intently

I took this, she asked to see it, told me to take another one

this is the 2nd pic, apparently she didn't like her expression in the 1st

face painting by Rapunzel!

Princess wand with glitter

A Pile of Princesses!

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