Saturday, February 11, 2012

Signs Of The Apocalypse

I have been on a bit of a craft kick like everyone else who is on Pinterest.

This is my most recent project.  Not only witty and fun, but completely free.  Yep, free.

I had everything on hand so it just took a bit of time and creativity.

We have deemed the downstairs living room the kids' space.  So I thought it would be fun to put some decor they would get a kick out of.

I started out with a 1x12 board scrap that is a foot long.  Gary R. routed the edges for me.  I squirted some black flat craft paint on it and used a dry brush to cover the whole surface.
Then I got on Pages (our word processor) and printed out some lettering in the size and font I wanted.  Sorry, I forgot to take pics of this process.  I laid the paper print out on the board where I wanted it and simply traced over the lettering with a ball point pin pressing hard.  It left an outline of the lettering in the wood.

I used some cream paint we had on hand and one of the kids' paint brushes and painted somewhat in the lines.  If the Zombie Apocalypse was actually upon us I doubt the person making the sign would pay much attention to details.  Just sayin.
I cleaned out the craft brush by rubbing it across the sign here and there to fill the negative space.  Once it dried, Tanner took a sanding block to it.
I took a large drill bit and drilled two holes in the back so we could hang it.  I simply measured and placed two med sized holes on the back.

They decided they wanted it over their TV.  Pretty cute, and it matches my decor.  Win Win.  Sorry about the quality of the pic.  Phone camera strikes again.

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