Sunday, March 4, 2012

35 Seems Old

We just settled back into Orlando after spending 24 wonderful hours with the Bolin's.

We went to church this morning and then had an amazing lunch at Whiteys. They surprised me with a massive piece of chocolate cake.

I've cried more than once today. Just feeling so blessed and happy.

We are staying at The Destiny Palms. It's a small quaint hotel and we got an amazing rate of just $67 a night for two rooms ($67 total not per room). It sits back off the road and doesn't look like much but it's super clean and smells of fresh laundry. Tonight and tomorrow night we actually have two rooms with a door connecting them.

Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom and then Tuesday we fly home. I am so thankful that we can be on vacation and have a wonderful time all while missing home.

Is it weird that I miss my house? I miss my church, I miss my neighbors and my friends. This is a trip of a lifetime for sure, but our day to day at home is pretty awesome.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It's been the best birthday of my life.

Here's a pic of Elijah. Apparently there's been a shortage of Eli pics and several of you have been wondering if he's still with us :)


Anonymous said...

G'pa said to tell you that he actually went by your house today to see if Elijah was there!!! :) Sophie was in the back yard looking for him, too!

So happy for your fun vacation! Love and miss you!

G'ma Nita

Nicole Gravatt said...

Hello birthday girl. We miss you. My legs and arms miss you too. All this walking and running isn't helping me achieve my Jennifer Aniston arms. Only you here in Kansas training me does that. :)