Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best Day Ever

I borrowed the title from my kids. It's what they've been saying all day.

We spent over 12 hours at Disney today & I have 3 snoozing babes with me. Jared has a room with the older two.

We never got up close to the elusive Cinda-deda but we saw her 3 different times due to the parades and shows. At one point she noticed Anneliese, waved, and told Sis she liked her dress. That was really special, so sweet.

The lines are non-existent due to the season and day of the week. We were able to easily ride everything they wanted multiple times.

So far, Bren, Tan, & Eli love Space Mountain best. Its a roller coaster completely in the dark. That was intense!!

Anneliese and Graham loved It's a small world and were scared to death of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

We saw 3 different parades & Anneliese & I watched an amazing show right on front of the castle. It was by far my favorite.

The day was rather drama free. Tanner has a sore foot and Graham got pretty whiney at one point but otherwise they did great. That was a long day and it's really hot here.

Plus we got out of the park only spending $35 (not counting tickets of course. Not bad for a family of 7.

Here's some random pics from my phone. Lots more on my camera :)

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