Friday, March 9, 2012


After spending a week in shorts and a swim suit a very cruel reality set it.

Summer is approaching and my clothes don't fit.  I can get them on but they don't look nice. 

So, here we go!  Time to get into a routine of fitness and move past the birthday excuse.  I had more than my fair share of desserts yesterday.  Sweet Dana showed up at my front door with homemade cream puffs.  It would have been flat rude to refuse, so I ate 3 :)  Then last night, Jared and I had a date nite with the Redways and Cecil called ahead to let them know it was for my birthday.  I had a huge chocolate chip Sunday waiting for me.  Nom Nom Nom.

I do believe all birthday celebrations are over for me so time to get serious.  Anyone else getting anxious for warmer weather? 

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Twisted said...

When I want to run, I can't. When I don't want to run, I should be because I have no reason other than laziness.

Will try to hit the CORE exercises hard this month to stay off the feet.
Glad you guys are back safely.