Tuesday, March 20, 2012

He Speaks To Me

The kids and I are up at camp. The men are having a work week and needed someone to cook.
We came up early yesterday. The kids have been trapped underfoot since its apparently monsoon season. There is dangerous construction debris everywhere.

The kids are handling it pretty well but have been a bit crazed from time to time due to excitement and pent up energy. It's been trying to manage them and my responsibilities. I want to keep them safe and out of the men's way.

I awoke at 5:30am and started on breakfast. I'm melancholy. In the quiet of the morning I start thinking about how I really need to do better with my eating. I think about how I really want/need to lose the 15lbs that found me over the winter. I think about how I need to work out consistently and how ashamed I am that I just haven't made it a priority.

That voice, that hateful internal voice was browbeating me at 5:30 this morning. She doesn't need much sleep apparently.

Then I walked down the stairs of the dorm, headed over to the other building and there it was:

There wasn't a resounding gong, or a bright shining light from heaven. He didn't shout at me or even speak in a still small voice. He gently and lovingly reminded me that He is not concerned with my diet or my exercise.

He's not ashamed of me. He loves me and wants my priorities to match His priorities.

Thank you Lord for speaking truth to me through your word.

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twisted said...

You got hit with the same poster that hit me Monday. The lack of endurance conditioning of the body ( as a coach) is pitiful right now. THe lack of "dress-up" sense. I've hadn't had a desire or care for it since breast cancer. That poster spoke to me also. I still want to get off my duff. But I'd rather shine from within then without. I'll work on polishing the inside, and if I don't know a "Namebrand" or an "In" style way to wear something... my aunt always says wait ten years and the world will be in style with you again.
You are doing a great job for the men. I know they appreciate it, even though their mouths are full and they can't mouth it yet.