Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Better Pics

We are home and so glad to be!

It was a great trip filled with insane amounts of precious memories.  We fully understand the unique opportunity this trip was.  Each day the kids felt was better than the previous.  We packed the 7 days plum full but had lots of rest in between at a great little hotel.  I really need to blog about specific things in their own blog.  It's just too much to cram into one, two, or even three blogs :)

Gatorland Zoo

Anneliese and Belle

Come on this is great wit right here!  Get it?

Sorry about my index finger :)

Her first ride of Universal

Its a Bug's life


Tree of Life, Just beautiful

Eli, Tan, Bren at Clearwater

Beautiful Babes at Clearwater, too cold to swim

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