Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blissfully Exhausted

There is this precious little person who insists on one on one time about every two hours through the night. Typically I'm extremely irritable when stirred from a deep sleep. Some how that precious little face and those tiny hands disarm me immediately and love just oozes out of every pore.

After prayers last night Elijah told me how sorry he was that Anneliese gets me up at night. He said he wants me to sleep and hopes she stops soon. How cute is that? I didn't know the kids were even aware that I'm up. They're tucked snug in their beds upstairs away from the cries.

Since I'm older and more experienced I'm much calmer this time and in turn so is Anneliese. She's a very content baby. We've noticed major differences between her and the boys already. We used to tease that the boys had an altimeter and they would fuss unless we were standing while holding them. Anneliese is content being held, sitting in her bouncy seat, sleeping in her bassinet. She just doesn't require much in order to appease her.

I have learned that Diet Mt Dew in the evening is not a good choice. Apparently she's affected by my caffeine intake. It never really bothered the boys. That night she was up until 1:30am and had restless sleep the rest of the night.

It's like I tell the boys, "She's a delicate little flower."

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