Tuesday, April 21, 2009


-Work last night went well. I took Brennan along just in case Anneliese needed snuggled while I was working. She actually did really well and Brennan was extremely well behaved and very respectful.

-While changing Anneliese's diaper I noticed she has a hernia around her belly button. If you push on it softly you can feel a squishing as the intestine goes back. I was extremely concerned and almost in tears until I did a quick internet search. Apparently it's common (1 in 6) and should close up on its own. If it doesn't by the time she's 3 surgery may be recommended. We're going in to the doctor just in case but I feel much relived by what I read.

-We have had the same Char-Boil grill for 9 years. It was a birthday gift from my in-laws when we moved to Lansing. Today it got a make over. I went to Wal-Mart and bought all new parts for the inside. I wanted to buy a new grill (a minimum of $120) but instead it's up and running like new with a little elbow grease and $37. That grill was a mess. I cleaned it all out and have a chicken breast on it as I type. YUMM!

-I was really pleased with the response I got from my Weight Watchers members. I was super self-conscience to go in at my current weight. They were very accepting and even seemed excited at the idea of us losing together.

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