Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Retreat Thoughts

-We got home from our retreat Saturday evening. It was a great couple days with great friends. I was super thankful for the chance to escape, I mean go to a retreat.

-Anneliese was quite the celebrity. I haven't ever been stopped so many times. Apparently little boys must not be as interesting. Everyone wanted to know her name, how old she was, and I even had one total stranger take her right out of my arms to snuggle her. I know she's the prettiest little girl on the planet with the sweetest disposition and all this did was prove I'm not just biased :)

-Jackina Stark was the guest speaker and she did an amazing job. She is really funny and quirky and just a pleasure to listen to. She's an author so her speeches were linguistic works of art. God has truly blessed her with an amazing gift.

-Jared and the boys did fantastic. This is the first time I've gone away since kids that he just really thrived. The boys were well behaved. They played games went to a friend's pet store and checked out the lizards. They were happy to see me when I got home but it was obvious they had a great time while I was away. It brings great peace to know they can survive without me at least for two and half days :)

-My house was clean when I got home. Jared and the kids did dishes and kept things picked up. Yay Daddy!

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