Thursday, April 30, 2009


Our beautiful huge TV of only a year is requiring some assistance. Apparently leaving it on constantly wears out the bulb. It's a rear projection flat screen and a week ago it started showing a message whenever we turned it on. Jared did some research and found the bulbs retail for $150 but fortunately he found one on ebay for $80.

Since the bulb can go out just light a light bulb we've been hesitant to use the TV. It's actually been really nice having it off. The kids are playing board games instead of Wii. They've learned UNO and Jared loves to play with them. Eli's adorable and squeals anytime he gets a specialty card. So much for a poker face.

Our book binge yesterday has been a true blessing and I've caught Brennan and Tanner both reading without my prompting. They've spent the bulk of their rainy days playing Bakugan's upstairs.

We still have our TV in our bedroom and it's been really nice snuggling up to Jared in the evenings with Anneliese while the kids head to bed to watch our favorite shows. Who knew a pricey light bulb could be such a blessing.

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