Friday, May 1, 2009

It Just Is...

This is Anneliese's favorite napping place:

Jared has said from the beginning that if we had a girl it wouldn't be any different than the boys. He means that we will discipline her and care for her with the same amount of love and consistency as we have the boys. Neither of us want a diva on our hands. Our goal is to raise a kind generous little girl who puts others before herself.

she is different. None of the boys allowed Jared to hold them without screaming yet she loves to be held by her daddy. In fact, she prefers it at times. When I can't seem to appease her I hand her off to Daddy and he rests her like in the picture and she settles in hugging his arm and drifts off to sleep.

It's apparent to both of us that a little girl is different in every way. We are blessed. We love all of our children so much and the addition of our little Daddy's girl has given us more reason to be in awe of their uniqueness.


Anonymous said...

How sweet is that?!! :)
Cousin Amy :)

Anonymous said...

My precious baby! You know how I love red headed babies!!!!

Love you Anneliese!

Auntie Sonya