Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Awesome

Last night while playing volleyball my shoe grabbed the rubbery floor and decided to stay put while I fell forward. Yes, I tripped over my own foot.

I broke my foot and possibly ruptured a tendon. I'm not able to move my big toe and we'll know for sure on Wednesday if I'll need surgery or not (although it's not likely). I have a new found respect for all those who've ever used crutches. They're awful and possibly worse than having a broken foot all together.

I'm quickly realizing how completely unable I am to do basic tasks. I can't carry my baby, grab the phone, go to the bathroom, or make meals without assistance. I'm not allowed to bathe until Wednesday (when I'll hopefully get a walking boot) so stay away. I may have to break that rule with a trash bag taped around my cast. I can't imagine not bathing after sweating through 3 volleyball games. I smell like the dancing bear.

Jared and I are so appreciative of all the phone calls and help we've received. If it weren't for my mom and Jess T. I wouldn't have made it to my appointment with the surgeon this morning. Richard and Anita stepped right up last night and brought the kids home, put them to bed, and Anita cleaned my kitchen.

I'm not real sure how the next several days are going to go but with a little prayer and some ice I should be fine. I can't take the pain medication because of nursing the baby so I'm not getting much relief from the discomfort. My only option was to wean her and if you read my previous blog you know how I feel about all that. I'm willing to suffer through if I can continue. To quit now doesn't feel like an option.

I just keep thinking, "Seriously, a broken foot and 5 kids. Wow this will be interesting."


Alisa said...

Your story is even more lame than Eric's and I didn't think that was possible. :-)
So sorry this happened. Please don't hesitate to call if you need anything at all. Hopefully you'll have no surgery and get a walking boot sooner rather than later. I know how much it stinks to be on crutches. I'd be happy to come over and sit with you some day and just get/do stuff for you (I've gotten good at it).

As far as the shower goes, Eric just did the trash bag with a rubber band around the top and it worked just great.

I'll be praying for the pain to subside and a quick recovery.

Pam said...

A bungee cord around the top of the trash bag works really well.

I spent two years in a cast when my kids were little. For the first three months I had a full leg cast on one leg and half cast and lots of metal parts on the other leg. I actually stuck my crutches in front of any little person who tried to run away when I told them to do something. A cloth bag with a long strap lets you carry stuff and I had a baby carrier that I would stick Mallory in so she was strapped to my chest and I could move with the crutches and the junk in the bag.

You'll do great, you are tougher than you think!