Saturday, May 2, 2009


This morning I headed up to Platte City for some bargain shopping. The boys, mom, and I hit 20 garage sales at least. This was my first of the season.

The very first sale was the best! I purchased a brand new pair of Nike Free for $2! They are navy and pink and perfect. Plus I picked up several clothing items for me to wear while I'm losing. I love knit pants!

The boys each had $2 to budget and they did exceptional. The had so much fun digging through all the stuff to find treasures.

At one garage sale I found an entire Pottery Barn Jungle Animal crib set with extras for $25. Since I know how pricey it is I purchased it and plan on putting it on Ebay. I did some research and this particular print is discontinued and sets on ebay with less stuff are selling for at least $175. I'm going to wash it this afternoon and post it. I'll let you know how it goes!

I found an infant sling. It's black and white toile. I've always wanted to try one but didn't want to spend the money incase I didn't like it. I slipped Sis in and she snuggled up and crashed out. I love this thing! She can nurse, sleep or just hang out. It will definitely come in handy while I'm at home desperate to get some things done. It's actually pretty comfortable.

Graham LOVES shoes and he got a new pair of baby blue Crocs and some little slip-on skater shoes that were brand new. They are too cute.

I am all about Pampered Chef stoneware. While at one sale I spotted several pieces. I bought the mini loaf pan (it makes 4 loaves), and a square baker. I had the baker at one point but I dropped it on the floor and it is no longer. If you know much about P.C. stoneware you know it's pricey. You can imagine my glee when I picked them up for $2 each.

The best part of the day was even though I didn't spend that much money after selling the Pottery Barn bedding I'll get it all back and then some. YAY!

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