Monday, May 4, 2009

Coffee, Fresh Air, and a Hint of Lilacs

The original purpose of my blogging was to emote and work through losing my Dad. This July 22 marks 3 years since his tragic passing. Today is a hard day.

The weather is beautiful and the windows are open. While sitting at my computer I smell fresh spring air and our little lilac bush out front. I decided to brew a pot of coffee and the combination of smells immediately reminded me of the summer mornings spent with my Dad.

Living in Colorado in the dry air they had swamp coolers verses air conditioners. With a swamp cooler we could sleep with the windows open. Early before work each day Dad would brew some coffee and sit for a bit before he headed out. The combination of fresh morning air and freshly brewed coffee is the aroma that links my heart to my memories of my Daddy.

Jared and I have plans to go to Colorado this summer to attend a family reunion on his side. I've been really excited at the prospect of going. I was chatting about our plans to a friend last night when it all started to sink in.

All the trips to Colorado in my life have been about my Dad. I haven't driven that route without it being about him. All through my youth we'd head out so Jason and I could spend short precious moments with him and then after his accident our journey out was to say goodbye.

My heart is heavy. I miss you Dad.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Honey! We love you!