Saturday, May 23, 2009

Expensive Paper Weight

About 2 years ago Jared and I purchased a new TV.

Not just any TV but a Sony Wega 42" HiDef flat screen blah blah blah. All I knew is that once we turned it on Sponge Bob was life size and very bright. It has a beautiful picture and we purchased it so it could fit into my armoire. We loved this tv and were so thankful when my mom helped us purchase it.

Fast forward to about a month ago. The TV started giving us notice that the lamp needed replaced (it's rear projection). Jared and I ordered the bulb off ebay to save some money. Once Jared recieved the bulb he meticulously installed it and the TV refused to turn on and it just kept flashing a little red light at us. Feeling like a failure Jared called Sony to find out what to do.

Apparently this particular model is so riddled with problems there is an entire division of Sony dedicated to deal with it! It's got several things wrong with it and we were offered 3 options to settle the issue:

1) They would send a repair man out in the next month or two (What!). He would do his best to repair it but it will likely continue to have issues if it's fixable.

2) They will give us a much smaller Sony TV for free.

3) Or we can purchase a new bigger fancier LCD Sony Flat Screen HiDef 1080i blah blah blah at about an 88% discount.

Jared and I spent the afternoon researching the different models offered to decide what the best option would be. There were 3 TV's offered in option 3. One of them was a 52" LCD and our discounted price was still $600. 52" Seemed a bit excessive in our living room (not to mention $600). So the remaining two were the same size (46") and were significantly less money. We decided to go with one of those verses have a repair man "possibly" fix it or taking a much smaller tv (Happy Father's Day/Anniversary honey!).

After mumbling under my breath for a few hours I started to come to grips with the situation. As you can imagine we had NO intention of spending money on a TV yesterday, today, tomorrow, or even next year! The replacement TV is leaps and bounds better (it's an actual flat screen LCD vs rear projection) and is loaded with all the extras. BUT it doesn't fit into my beautiful armoire.

So after much debate we've decided to sell my favorite piece of furniture for several reasons.

1) The tv won't fit in it.

2)We need the money to replace the cost of the discounted TV and to buy a cabinet to sit it on.

3)We have no where safe to store it.

4)There is only one place in the living room it fits and looks nice so we are very limited in rearranging our furniture and a smaller cabinet will make the living room more spacious.

So now we wait. We had to mail in the all the information on the old tv to claim the settlement. Once they recieve it they will ship the new tv and it will be 2-3weeks. In the meantime I hope to sell the cabinet, rearrange the living room, have the carpet cleaned, & purchase a new cabinet before the tv arrives (which should be right before or during the week were gone at camp, nice).

So if you know anyone who's interested in the classiest armoire/wardrobe ever made send them our way.

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Mom said...

Great goo-ga-lee moo-ga-lee!!! I think you should just sit with the four boys in the house for the next month or so and wait for the repair man to maybe fix it!!! LOL!!! I'll be over when it's fixed! :0)