Monday, May 11, 2009


Believe it or not I'm making it.  I honestly didn't think I could handle being stationary.  Thankfully I'm finding ways around it.  With the boys help I'm doing laundry, dishes, cooking and even sweeping.  

Tonight I'm having to go to work.  The doc said no working until I'm in a walking boot but alas Weight Watchers is one of the most difficult jobs to "call in" to.  My boss is out of town and no one is available to fill my meeting so 35 ish WW members are going to show up to the church tonight whether my foot is broken or not.  I have a hard time just bailing on my sweet receptionists and my members so I'm heading in to at least do a weigh in.  

Thankfully my sweet Amy is taking Sis and I and bringing us home since I can't drive.  We're going to make a pit stop at Aldi in order to pick up some necessities.  Hopefully crutching around Aldi won't be too exhausting.

We are ridiculously blessed by an Eldership that encourages Jared to spend time with his family.  He would get into more trouble if he worked right now vs staying home to help me.  He's at church right now picking up what he needs in order to work from home.  

He makes an excellent cup of coffee and wraps a mean cast.  Today he's going to plant my tomato plants and bushes I purchased last week before they parish in there little black pots.  Not only is he cute but he's handy!  

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Alisa said...

I will pick that kit up for you.