Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks For The Boot

I was allowed to dawn a walking boot today. I'm still crutch bound until it feels better but my mobility has greatly increased and I am super thankful and in much better spirits.

The boot will adorn my left leg for at least another 3 weeks. I'll then have an x-ray and we'll reevaluate.

I am SO thankful to the Strub family who offered up their walking boot. It's clean and in the perfect size. I took it with me to the Doc to see if it would do. They said it's perfect and one of the nicer ones on the market (la-dee-da). The gentleman who was fitting it to my leg wanted to make sure I thank the family that gave it to me for two reasons.

#1 Most "used" boots are nasty (his words not mine) and this one is exceptionally clean and in like new condition.

#2 Said boot would have cost Jared and I at least $500 since our deductible isn't met on our insurance.

We are so blessed and God knew I would break my foot and has made provisions for us that we are so thankful for. THANK YOU GARY AND TINA!

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