Friday, April 27, 2012

Angus AKA Gus Gus

It was three years ago this past March since our Maury died.  He was my little "fluffernutter." I begged and pleaded for him and just 2 years later he and Sophie dug out and he was hit just a block from my house.

After many many many discussions (we're talkers in case you hadn't noticed) we finally decided to replace our fluffy family member.  I should say, Jared finally gave in after some serious sweet talk. 

We decided to do some research and pick a pup that would ensure success.  Maury was a Havanese Poodle mix and he was small yet sturdy.  With 5 kids we need a breed that isn't frail.  I searched for a "Havapoo" (no kidding that's what they're called) and the only litter I found was spoken for. 

Finally I found a Yorkipoo.  He is a Yorkie Poodle mix and insanely tiny because he's only 8 weeks old.  He's all black much like our Maury.  He will be around 8lbs grown and we are already smitten.  He hasn't had an accident yet and is taking to his kennel slowly.  Putting a tiny piece of cheese in the back helps ;)

Here are some pics of our new babe:
My sweet Tanner and baby Gus

His head to the left, tail to the right

That is short grass, yes he's that small

Can you say LOVE?

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Twisted said...

We will baby sit that one for free. I'll just hold Gus-Gus the whole time your gone.
So, when are you leaving?