Friday, April 20, 2012

Growing A Green Thumb

My new gardening motto, "When in doubt...Mulch."

I have to admit I may have enjoyed spending yesterday morning working in my yard.  I have transplanted, divided, and weeded the front.  Apparently a lot of what we have out there multiplies and needs to be maintained vs let to grow and grow.  We had mums and daffodils shooting up inside monkey grass and my monkey grass was so big it was all running together.  You couldn't tell where one thing ended and the next began.

Here's a couple before pics

Even sweet Joyce D seemed slightly overwhelmed at the sheer volume of green :)  After much work and mulch this is what I have now:

It's so much better and now we just have to grow some grass!  We put some fertilizer and weed and feed down, so hopefully things will start improving and we'll seed come fall. 

Now to the back yard where Joyce informed me we have a poison ivy field growing under our trees. 

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