Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lego Table

In a previous blog I shared the link to the amazing Lego storage/table.  I was determined this would be an amazing solution.

Our boys' bedroom is typically littered with Lego's and Bionicle pieces.  So much so you would swear they were tethered to the carpet somehow.  We had a large drawer that was supposed to roll under the bed with pounds and pounds of pieces.  The drawer was too tall to fit under their bunk bed so it just sat in the corner of the room. 

Here is their new Lego table (I still need to attach the 3 large Lego squares to the top, I'm having trouble finding them):
Their room was beautiful.  We vacuumed and had all the Lego's collected and in their designated drawers.  This morning I went downstairs to wake Brennan up and here's my reality:
Oh well.  I guess it will take time to change behaviors to playing on the table top vs the floor.

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