Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Grass Is Definitely Greener

I am not a fan of gardening. 

We moved into a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood where people are very particular about their lawns.

Jared and I have always been of the mindset that while we had young children we would have a yard.  As the kids move out and we have less traffic on the grass, we would start working towards a lawn.

See the difference?  A yard is a collection of different plants/weeds/grasses that are green and soft to land on while playing ball.  A lawn is a well manicured carpet of only one type of grass that is preferably weed free.

Moving has changed our timeline. 

The previous owner had a lot of landscaping put in that is high maintenance.  Since I don't know what it is, which is weed, or how to manage it, the front of our house looks a bit jungle-esque. 

We are fortunate to have people in our lives who do have some knowledge on the subject.  This is a blessing our I would seriously take a shovel to the front yard and pull it all out. 

Joyce D. came over the other day and walked me through the emerging foliage.  She had asked if I was excited for all the surprises blooming this Spring.  Apparently I had a bit of the "deer in the headlights" look.  Excited didn't exactly describe my feelings.  Try overwhelmed, somewhat apathetic, or even denial. 

I am so thankful for her advice.  I took copious notes and have started slowly working on the different ideas.  Jared has offered to turn over the dirt on the North side of the house.  We have huge amazing tiered stones with soil in between the tiers.  We are going to make that our vegetable garden.  I've begun yanking some of the bulbs from the front and even transplanted some "monkey grass" today. 

Maybe it's because my skin sizzles in the sun, or because I don't like getting dirty.  Not sure why this doesn't appeal to me.  My guess is the tediousness of it all.  I like instant results, instant proof of my hard work. 

I'm learning, and while I'll never likely earn Lawn of the Year, maybe God is trying to teach me a little patience.

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