Saturday, April 28, 2012

Elijah Jude Turns 8!

For the longest time, years actually, we worried about our little Brown Bear. 

"Don't poke the bear!"  Has been spoken commonly to ward off any would be attempts to pester Brown Bear.  He's quiet, yet fierce.  If you wronged him purposefully or accidentally it didn't matter.  The punishment was the same.  He would retaliate, maybe not now but someday when mom's back is turned...pow! 

Thankfully our prayers have been answered.  We have noticed a real change in his demeanor.  The one who would find the dark cloud within ever silver lining:

Has begun to allow the sweet, loving, spirit within emerge and we see Sweet Lijah more and more and Brown Bear is becoming a dwindling memory.
He's so funny, and quick witted. 
He really allows himself to give into the fun.  He prays at night thanking God for his brothers and his baby sister.
Is it the constant prayers of his parents praying for him?  Is it having a baby sister to love and nurture?  Is it just time and maturity?

Yes!  We are so proud of who he is and whom God is cultivating him to be.  It's such a precious blessing to see him grow and develop and show God's love to others. 

We love you Elijah Jude.  We are so blessed to have you as our Sweet Lijah.

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