Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm Done, Now what?

-I know that I am late to this party...but OxyClean is amazing!  I bought it as a carpet cleaning tool.  I had read that added with vinegar and essential oils it's a force to be reckoned with.  I have to say I am super pleased with what a great job it did for my carpets.  It's also impressive with laundry.  It's removed the yellowing from my whites that bleach just seemed to make worse.

-Tomorrow marks the end of our first week of school.  It's getting better with each year.  I really think the hardest part is behind us.  Having multiple little children needing 100% of me was very trying.  Now that the older three need just basic guidance frees me to spend time with Graham.  I really think this will be our best year yet.  We are getting more organized as a family and that makes a world of difference for this mom.

-Come to find out I don't really detest laundry.  Seriously...  What I detest is laundry after I've done all the other household chores.  Now that the kids are responsible for the bulk of cleaning up after themselves, it leaves my plate far more manageable.  Laundry isn't so bad when it's just one of a couple things to do.  This commercial makes me giggle because just today I thought, I'm done!  I'm done!  Now what should I do???

-We are gradually taking all the kids in for well child checks and eye exams.  Brennan and Tanner had appointments yesterday and both received several shots/pokes.  Brennan has inherited his father's aversion to needles.  Tanner is like me and doesn't mind them.  It was quite comical to have Tanner hop up on the table and tell the nurse, "I'm a man!  I'll go first."  As soon as she finished he jumped back down claiming, "it wasn't so bad" and flexing his muscles.  That kid cracks me up.

-Tuesday the younger three go in and will also have shots.  If I had thought it through I would have had the younger three go first.  Brennan and Tanner have been telling stories that are just short of water boarding trying to scare the others.  Not helping!

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