Saturday, September 15, 2012

Power of Spray Paint

I have wanted to do something with our exterior lights since we moved in.  They are rough, faded, and even rusted in spots.

 I looked at Lowe's and found these.  A similar look but fresh, new and black.  They are $88 each and we need 5, $440 before tax.
Due to the cost I have held off for almost a year because there was just so much other stuff that needed to be done/painted.  I was helping Tanner clean out the van today when I saw a can of black hammered spray paint.  I then had a thought, "I'll just paint them."  So I did!

So you have before:

 And After!  First before the glass was cleaned
 Then after the glass was cleaned!
Since I had everything on hand this project cost me $0, therefore saving our family $440.

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Twisted said...

Fantastic. They look great! Way to go, girl.