Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Many Hands Make Quick Work

Life is pretty good here at the Altic compound.

Jared and I did something that has needed to be done for quite some time.

We (meaning Jared) created a spreadsheet of chores.  Typically in the Altic household the bulk of the chores falls on me.  The kids do help occasionally when I ask, but for the most part day in and day out I'm spending the bulk of my time cleaning.

Well, NO MORE! 

One of the biggest causes of stress with homeschool is my inability to sit at the table with the kids.  There is just so much I can and should be doing.  Without my presence, the kids get carried away giggling and doodling and nothing gets done but making mom angry.

Since we started a new school year we decided to start a new chore chart.  All items on the chore chart must be completed as soon as school is done.  No games or TV until the chores are completed and checked.

This beautifully crafted chart adorns our fridge (having a nerd for a husband can be a beautiful thing).

After school today I heard the vacuum running, Anneliese cleaned her room, and Eli was unloading the dishwasher only to reload it and start it. 

I sat at the table answering questions and pulling worksheets all while policing the jibber jabber.  I was not worried about the house falling into disrepair and clutter. 

Once school and the chores were complete I was free.  Free to do what I pleased.  It just so happened that today, it pleased me to stain the deck and stairs. 

What a blessing!  I am so thankful to be onto the stage of helpful little people who can read charts :)

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