Friday, September 14, 2012

Only With 4 Brothers

I have decided that our little girl will be quite unique indeed.  Not just because God created her one of a kind, but because she is the only girl.  She has understandings that only a girl with older brothers could have.

Would you like an example?  Here is my precious daughter's drawing:

Now I would like to explain the image as it was explained to me.

Sis:  Look what I drawed mommy!

Me:  Oh babe!  I love it!  Is that you?

Sis:  (smirking) Uh, NO!  That's a Zombie!

Me:  A zombie?!! 

Sis:  Yes, and see this (pointing at the squares in the upper right) that is a porthole that goes to ours house. 

Me:  Did you say "portal?"

Sis:  Yes, a porthole and when the zombie comes to ours house this fake hammer (pointing to the small object low center) is what da boyz is gonna use to hit him to keep us safe.

She may only be 3 but she has a plan in case of a zombie apocalypse. 

That's my girl!

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