Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back To School

We are finally underway.

All the books I was waiting on arrived and have been organized and looked through (slight panic attack and the shear volume, but I think I'm better now).

I'm not entirely positive how we are going to find room for all four boys and their books.  Brennan alone has three stacks two feet tall.  In years past they have kept their books in a file box (for easy transport from room to room) but Brennan and Tanner have officially out grown those. 

I tried desperately to get a picture of my crew for the "back to school" shot.  I contemplated having a pic with bed head and PJ's just to be funny.  That is a more accurate view of how we look each morning as we start pulling books.  We don't have the crisp new clothes, packed lunch, and back pack in front of a bus stop kinda morning.

Typically I shout out the school warning with coffee in hand and wiping sleep from my eyes, "I'm pulling out books, you've got 5 minutes!"

Here are several attempts at a picture over at the Legends a couple days ago.  We went with the intention of getting a decent pic.   Brennan "accidentally" (there could be a complete blog series on this sentence alone) whacked Graham in the eyeball immediately before.  It was impossible to get him to stop rubbing his eye/face.

Attempt #1.  When I say cheese Tanner instinctively tucks his chin to his chest.  No idea why, he doesn't ever do it any other time.  The word "cheese" apparently causes a magnetic force between his chin and chest.  Graham, still crying and injured, won't even open his eyes.  Anneliese is posed perfectly and of course there is a glare on my camera.
 Attempt #2.  I asked them to crowd in together so we could avoid the glare.  I say cheese, Tanner's body reacts even after we talked at length about it.  I tell Eli to smile, so he does whatever this is.  Graham is still injured and unable to think of anything else.  Anneliese realizes what a joke it is that I think I can get all 5 to smile at the same time.

Attempt #3.  Notice how Brennan hardly changes from pic to pic.  He's always been that way.  No matter how many shots I take he looks about the same.  Tanner is fighting the magnetic force and winning!  Eli does not look angry.  Graham is attempting a smile still with eyes closed but hey I'll take what I can get.  Apparently Anneliese is about to sneeze.
 Attempt #4.  I give up.  Do what you want...  Good enough!  Who wants ice cream?
Brennan 6th grade, Tanner 5th, Elijah 3rd, Graham 1st, Anneliese Pre-K

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