Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Another project I have been wanting to attack is our stoop. It's an odd little entrance to our front door. Since we don't come in this way it's been neglected and I really wanted to do something inexpensive that made a big impact. So here's the before:
I started out by cleaning and priming the concrete. Once the primer was dry I marked out my pattern simply using a 12" tile I had on hand. I traced the tile with a pencil.

Once we had all our diamonds and the edging marked off I wrote a "B" or a "W" in each diamond just to ensure there wasn't any mistakes.  Tanner and I painted the black first.
Then we added the gray.  The fan was so I could ever so patiently do the next coat...
Once the gray was painted and dry I used a walnut stain and rubbed it on top to antique it a bit and take away a little of the sharpness of the pattern.
Complete! I added a fresh coat of black paint to the front door (inside and outside). 
Sorry about the glare, Inside

Total cost of project, $9.  I couldn't be happier with the results! 


Danielle said...

That looks great!! I am jealous of any type of creativity!

Alisa said...

Looks super cute!

Twisted said...

Shannon, this is great! I might have to borrow your idea for our stoop and entry - they are so blah.
Love that you had a helper doing a school art project with you.