Monday, September 24, 2012

Miracle Grow Kitchen Ed.

If you'll remember, the best thing about this house is it's pantry.  It's massive and a room all it's own.

In our kitchen we have an "appliance garage."  You know, that little door that rolls up to expose a corner stuffed full of everything and anything you didn't want actually on your counter any given day.

Here is ours:

I have daydreamed about removing this little beauty since we moved in.  Why?  because the granite goes clear back to the wall and the tiled back splash continues as well.  And did I mention the enormous pantry?  I don't have a need for an appliance garage, but I do desperately need counter space.

During school this morning I was eying this jaggy little counter top stealer.  So I took my hammer to it and viola!
I exposed two plugins that were unused and unreachable.  I moved the odds and ends into the pantry and gained a large section of beautiful granite!  I plan to put the tiny piece of trim under the edge of the upper cabinet to make it blend with the other uppers.  Until then, it really doesn't stand out at all since that corner cabinet sticks out further than the others by a few inches.  I can't stop staring at it!

My kitchen grew in a matter of about 5 minutes! 


Alisa said...

looks awesome!

Twisted said...

As Tony likes to say around here, "You're a Keeper". Way to go.