Thursday, October 2, 2008

16 Weeks

A full 4 months! Can you believe it? We are 16 weeks tomorrow. It's amazing and unbelievable to me that we are already closing in on the half way mark. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday and hopefully we'll schedule the sonogram then. Here's my 16 week belly:

Let's take a peek at our little peanut...
"16 Weeks Gestation
Swallowing and chest movements are clearly present.
Movement may be felt by the mother.
The head and body become proportional.
The neck takes shape.
The weight is about five ounces.
The length is about 4 to 5 inches."
Oh my goodness. I can't wait to meet you!!! Every time I feel a little poke or kick I thank God for this baby and I say, "hello down there, your mommy loves you."

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