Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You Look Like A Monkey and You Smell Like One Too :)

Jared and I decided to take advantage of the "cheap" day at the zoo yesterday. We headed out pretty early and spent the day at the Kansas City Zoo.

When we first arrived a nice lady in the parking lot came up to Jared and asked if we would like some free passes. Hmmm, let me think about it...YES. She handed him two free passes so we went up to the entrance and handed them to the nicest guy ever. He said he'd take the passes and figure out the best possible deal for us. So our family of 6 (1/2) gained entrance for a mere $18. It was going to cost at least $30. We were so thankful and felt blessed from the very beginning.

The day was absolutely beautiful. The boys and I wore sweatshirts the bulk of the day and the breeze was heavenly. Graham was hilarious. When he first got up he started asking if he could see "animoles." We hadn't told him anything so Jared and I were surprised at his intuition. He asked for "elphants" and chickens.

The kids really seemed to enjoy their day and Graham went accident free. We put a pull up on him just in case but he did great. He even asked if he could "peed" on some of the animals. We tried to stear him towards the restrooms :)

We had planned on purchasing all you can ride passes for the tram, train, and boat for the family. Since we were pretty much the only people at the zoo the boat wasn't running. The weather was so nice we walked vs riding and saved even more by not purchasing the passes. In the past those passes are what made the trip enjoyable. This time however between the nice weather and the boys getting older it was just super pleasent without the passes.

I uploaded a photo album to my Facebook. Anyone can access it even if you don't have facebook. Check out our day!

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