Monday, October 20, 2008


-Elijah came to me the other day stating, "Mommy you know how Brennan was on the boy team? (meaning Brennan wanted a boy) and Tanner was on the girl team? Well, I was on the boy team but now I'm on the girl team." I'm glad to know that he's on board :)

-The kids can't seem to remember Anneliese's name. We went to Joy's Tuesday night and Tanner asked me multiple times, "What's her name again?" Elijah asked if we could change her name since he couldn't "memember" it. I told them all it's only been a few days and they'd get it eventually. In the mean time they can just call her Sis.

-Typically I'm an impatient pregnant chick. I just want the baby. This time around I've been doing really good enjoying the process and soaking it all in. Well, at least until last Monday. Now that I know it's a girl I'm desperate for March. I want to see her, kiss her, touch her. Thankfully the holidays are coming and that will help time pass.

-The boys have just about hit the halfway point in school. They are progressing very well. Tanner has made the most impressive improvements. He really struggled in the beginning but he's breezing through things that I didn't think he quite understood yet. He responds extremely well to positive reinforcement. It's amazing how much of myself I see in my little boy.

-Graham is taking a hiatus from potty training. He was doing so good and apparently just decided he was done for a while. Jared and I think it's a maturity issue. He has the bladder control just not the discipline (or care) to take the time to go. We're still encouraging him but not pushing it. He'll get it eventually.

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