Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Ready

We hit 19 weeks today so we're pretty much half way. That's exciting. I bought Anneliese's cribbing the other day. Chris and I went shopping after church for some fabric and ended up buying a complete crib set at a resale shop.

The fabric was looking pretty pricey and honestly we couldn't find much that really felt like "this is it!" When I painted the nursery I painted the lower half brown and the top khaki so I was really aiming for some brown and pink. When we couldn't find what we needed at JoAnn's we headed to Wal-Mart. On the way we decided to make a pit stop into a child's resale shop. There it was! The perfect colors and it even had the two different fabrics I really wanted and it was less money than the fabric would have costed plus! no work!!! It's a set from Toys R Us and runs $169 for what I purchased for $60.

There are pieces on EBAY that go with it that I would love to get. I picked up the diaper stacker for a couple dollars. The mobile is adorable and then there's a light switch cover. Goodness I could go nuts. Luckily the budget won't allow it :)


Los Cannon said...

SOOOOOO cute! Don't you love a good deal? Our new little baby girl's room is white - all white - so far. Actually, this is an improvement over the black outer space theme that was going on in that room when we bought the house. We're getting somewhere. Now, if I could just find a set that cute for a price that good, we'd be set! Something tells me, I'll only manage to get the room ready about a day before the baby comes :-) By the way, I haven't congratulated you yet on the baby girl! Woo-hoo! Girls rock. --Becca

All Coop'd Up said...

I love it! I think we have pretty good taste, don't you?

alanna said...

I still get teary-eyed at how perfect this set is! What a sweet God we serve that he delights in delighting us in the little things ;o). I can't wait to see it all together in the room! You available tomorrow after church by chance ;o).

Shannon said...

I'm available but the room isn't :) Graham still occupies the crib so the bedding is in a baby girl tub in the corner of my bedroom. We'll have to boot him out before the decorating can really begin!