Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Call Me a SiFi Geek or I'll Wack You W/My Light Saber

Jared has introduced me to the new Battle Star Galactica. It's not the campy T.V. sitcom version your thinking of. It's actually a drama that is well acted and is on par with some of the best Star Trek.

I vowed as a young child to never watch Star Trek because it was stupid. Then I met Jared and became hooked in my college years to Deep Space 9. We seriously considered naming Anneliese "Ezry." Ezry was the name of a favorite character on DS9 and I was honestly too ashamed to have anyone google Ezry and see where it came from :)

We also went through FireFly DVDs and I loved it too. Heroes is a favorite of ours. Apparently I'm quite the SciFi fan. Jared and I were chatting and I realized I'm a good mom of boys :) I fix things, I like athletics, and I am seriously addicted to Science Fiction. I spoke of my concern for Anneliese and my lack of...ummm...froo froo-ness. Jared mentioned she'll be a dream catch for a Sci Fi nerd who enjoys sports and needs his oil changed. HA!

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I like Anneliese sooo much better than Ezry!

love ya,
G'ma Anita