Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Politics Ahead Be Forwarned...

I don't typically write about politics on my blog. Jared told me that if I do I'll lose readers. He's speaking from experience since he regularly writes about his beliefs and political stands on his blog. I promise to make it brief.

I'm just so frustrated by the Presidential debate last night. Jared and I always watch those and I was hoping to see...well...something. All we got was a snooze fest which included a McCain bail out for all of those who bought outside their means and can't afford their houses.

I am a conservative and have had a lot of reservations with the 700 billion dollar bail out and I'm obviously not a fan of Obama with his socialist views including bigger government and his pro-abortion position.

What's a girl like me to do? Jared and I bought a house that we could afford and then worked our stinking tails off making it livable. When the market was high we had the opportunity to sell it for a ridiculous profit and move into a less affordable fancier home, but we decided to make the conservative decision to stay put into a home we loved that was just right, not too big. Why should all of those who made poor decisions get bailed out? And...Get bailed out by those of us who made wise choices, the tax payers in general.

I asked Jared last night if it were goofy to pray for this election since the bible clearly states that all public leaders are ultimately under His control and He can use them for His will. I told him that even though I disagree with McCain on this extended bail out plan there are bigger issues with Obama. My gut reaction to last night was, "Save the babies."

As Christians our position in this election boils down to life and death. Obama has voted for and stands for pro-abortion and infanticide.

I don't agree with McCain on everything but he is pro-life and he will appoint pro-life judges that will affect abortion for future generations. I will pray, I will pray that even though McCain is not my perfect candidate that he and Palin would still be elected if for no other reason than to save the babies.


Anonymous said...

Not saying I agree with the bailout, but not everyone who has to be "bailed out" went and purchased a house they could not afford. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen in this unstable economy. People lose jobs. A one week's stay at a hospital can wipe a person's finanaces out for life.

Jenny said...

I am in the same boat as you are. I get ALOT of flack from people when I say that I feel like I have to vote for McCain because of the save the baby issue. People constatly tell me that that shouldn't be my ONLY concern. Well, sorry. I can't vote for someone who supports baby killing for no reason other than someone not wanting to be punished with a child. Punished? Really? Hmmm.

Anyway, I feel you pain!

Anonymous said...

Save the babies!!! Absolutely the top priority on the list of things I look at with any candidate. To me it almost doesn't matter what other good things they might be for, if they support the killing of innocent babies they aren't getting my support.
While McCain isn't really the greatest, I do like Palin and he is FAR better than the alternative we have in Obama. ......this is a man who is "friendly" with a known, confessed terrorist and received campaign funds from him. Thank goodness the Lord is in ultimate control and can use all things to his glory or I might start freaking out at the prospect of this man being our President.

Ahh...the bail out. Lets face it,
the majority of these bad loans are NOT because of huge medical bills (can totally relate there), but because of people who over spent and banks that over loaned to people who didn't deserve the loan to begin with. Where in our constitution does it state that each person should own their own home without having a down payment or any real way of paying for it? On this subject I think all sides are up for some blame!

Sorry for ranting....I don't get out much!

Shannon said...

I couldn't agree more. As you know we've also had our fair share of ridiculous medical bills with two very sick babies. One without insurance and the other with stinky insurance. Each time we had to make sacrifices that including me going back to work part time in order to get those bills paid. Regardless we were able because we didn't strap ourselves to a house payment that took the bulk of our income. There are also non government agencies like Catholic Charities that helped us as a lower income family so we didn't have to declare medical bankruptcy. The government stepping in isn't the answer. Self discipline, hard work and personal responsibility is the answer. When you ask for help from the government it doesn't come free.

Anonymous said...

Save the babies? What about rape and incest? Would you really expect your daughter to give birth to her rapist's baby? And God forbid incest...her father's baby?

Shannon said...

Click on the link "save the babies" at the end of my blog and it completely explains my position. I honestly don't think that the answer to rape or incest is murder. Yes I would counsel my daughter to deliver the innocent child and if she felt necessary put it up for adoption to do so. Murder is never the answer to any wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I didn't realize the "save the babies" was a link. Thanks for responding.