Monday, October 6, 2008

Hey All

Today is Jared's last day of vacation. Tomorrow things go back to normal. He seems to have really enjoyed a restful week at home doing a whole lot of nothing. It's been nice for all of us. This will be a vacation that he won't need a vacation from.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Everything seems to be going well. The heartbeat was strong and easily found. I guess I was supposed to gain 4-6 lbs and I gained 6 as the constant over achiever. I'm okay with that. My weight gain has slowed and I've regained my mind as far as my eating is concerned.

The doctor drew a bunch of labs to check my thyroid as well as all kinds of other things. Apparently my heart is working extra hard so he's checking my red blood cells and such. My rate was up and I've been waking up in the night to the pulsing of my heart in my ears. I've always had that with pregnancy but this time it's ridiculous. It actually will wake me from a sound sleep and my whole body feels like it's pulsing. Weird. Thankfully my blood pressure is still very low.

I had a bit of a breakdown after my appointment. I'm 16 weeks and 3 days today and I was hoping to schedule my sonogram in 2 weeks to find out the gender. The doc said I was a little too early to check today so let's just wait until next month. A month! I don't want to wait a month. I made my desperation clear and he didn't budge. It's just easier for him to pair the sono with an appointment.

So we continue to wait. I'm more than a little frustrated mainly because I'm doing all I know how to stay neutral. I've been praying fervently that I would be content in God's will and I'm doing well so far. I struggle with feelings of guilt whenever my mind wanders to pink and I just want the wait to be over. I'm absolutely thrilled at the idea of another boy and of course I would love a daughter but either way I feel guilty if it ends up being the other. Give me an answer PLEASE! Patience is not a virtue I've been blessed with apparently.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain sister! I was the most impatient person ever when I was pregnant with #3. I was so consumed with knowing what we were having, although I did feel all along that it was a boy. My Mama instinct was right all three times!! We had an elective gender only sonogram with Garret. It's not covered by insurance but it was the best $35 ever spent. I was able to prepare for another boy and help Meredith deal with her sadness over not getting a sister. She cried when they told us it was a boy and Jameson was thrilled. Fun times!! I wish you the best, the next month will fly by and then you can buy paint!! Take care. ~Abie

Shannon said...

We're actually having an elective gender sono too and he still won't let me schedule it when I want to. It'll be okay. If it's a girl there's a lot to do and if it's a boy I can settle into my life of little men and prepare them to pick great daughter in laws :) I just am desperate to know. If I had to say what I was getting from mommy instinct I would say girl but I feel weird even saying that. Ugh, hurry up month :)