Saturday, December 18, 2010


Last night I was blessed to be invited to a movie and dinner with some great gals.  Sonya, Alanna, Robin, Berkley, Hannah and I went to so Narnia and had dinner at Abuelo's.  The movie was great (intense!! maybe a little much for the young Narnia fan) and after we headed over to Zona Rosa.  We were celebrating Berkley's 18th, and Hannah's 13th birthdays.

Since the event was celebrating the girls, we asked them were they would like to dine.  After about 40, "I don't care" we settled on Abuelo's.  I've never been and it was beautiful inside.

Here are the birthday girls:
  Auntie and Hannah
Early this morning I headed out to get some groceries, rushed home, loaded up Tanner and headed out.  First we picked up Trent and then headed to Midland Dr to get Corbin.  Tanner requested Subway for lunch so after eating fresh :)  we headed to the Legends.

Today is Tanner's 9th birthday and per his request we went to see Tangled.  SUCH a cute movie.  We absolutely loved it.  Ms. Jess met us there so I could have an adult to sit with :)  Tanner, Trent and Corbin sat clear up in the back row all by themselves.  They're practically grown you know.
I just finished baking a cross shaped cake.  Tanner has been asking Daddy about getting baptized.  Jared and I decided to wait just a bit and told Tanner we'll discuss it again when he's 9.  Tanner asked for a cross to represent the year he'll be baptized.  He's such a sweet boy. 

Tomorrow morning is the kids Christmas program and today I'm baking a whole lotta cinnamon rolls for the congregation.  Think of it as a Sweet Merry Christmas from the Altic's :)

We are so very blessed!

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