Thursday, December 30, 2010

In Better Spirits

My family is back to eating, sleeping, and acting completely normal...well acting as normal as they're capable of :)

We did have one last incident before the tides turned for the better.  I have been letting the older three boys use the treadmill to burn energy during these colder days.  They are allowed to use them at the Y so I thought, "Why not?"

Eli was walking and I typically keep everyone else out of the room for safety reasons.  I was making dinner and our girl sneaked past me.  The next thing I know she crying the, "I'm in real pain" cry and she's holding her thumb.

It appears that she got her hand caught in the tread where it returns under at the end.  The only thing we can guess is that her tiny thumb was caught and smashed between the roller and the tread.

She cried for more than a hour and said, "Owwwieee" about a thousand times.  Jared kept commenting how lucky we are it didn't literally tear her thumb off.  She has a pretty nasty burn/cut that goes the length of her thumb and its purple from bruising.  After this and the Funniest Home Video incident (a blog all in itself) the treadmill has been labeled, "The Death Trap."

After some ice, Tylenol,  and Dora she was fine and eager for bed.  Sweet baby :(

Back to the positive, today the boys and I are headed to the church for some post Christmas partying.  Ms. Alisa suggested we let Corbin and the boys hang out and make sugar cookies and eat some pigs in a blanket.  We postponed twice due to the flu.  The kids don't really care if we were able to get it in before Christmas.  They are so excited and we have the Roth kids this week and they are really looking forward to it too.

I started my second wedding cake yesterday.  The wedding is Saturday and this is going to be really pretty.  I made a bunch of white chocolate snowflakes yesterday and dusted them in blue shimmer.  Today I'll finish making all the layers.  The bride requested a white 3 tier cake with silver ribbon around each tier and blue snowflakes.  I'm going to present the cake on a gorgeous beveled mirror.  I'll be sure to post pics once it's all put together :)

If you know anyone needing a cake made for a special occasion please send them my way!

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