Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve

What are your plans?

I do believe the spouse is working both today and tomorrow.  I am working on the wedding cake and delivering it tomorrow so no late night craziness for me.

This just isn't a holiday we do much with.  Growing up Mom always made snacks (pickle wraps were my fave) and we'd hang out until late and then all head off to bed.  It wasn't much, but we thought we were cool getting to stay up until midnight.

I think a big part of our lack of partying is that we've had babies for the last 10 years.  When you're already sleep deprived staying up on purpose seems slightly ridiculous.

Regardless, I'd love to start a tradition with my kids.  The last few years Jared has taken the kids to the Church lock-in but this year our youth had been invited to another church gathering.

What to do?  Any Ideas?

What does your family do to celebrate the gift of another year?  Besides getting snockered...


Laura said...

This will be our second year of having friends over and eating chinese food together. Everyone brings enough for their families and we all share what we've brought. Then we just play games and hang out. It's pretty fun! Hope you have a fun evening!

Shannon said...

Jenny and I were just talking about Chinese food last night :) We were chatting about how when we take the financial plunge to take our big ol' family out for dinner we like to go somewhere and eat something I can't just make at home.'s usually Chinese buffet. YUMM

I pray you guys have a safe and fun New Year with baby Nat soon to follow! I can't wait to see pics so we can admire from afar.

Jen said...

We are staying up late, eating and playing board games.....YEE HAW! :)