Saturday, December 11, 2010

My New Skill

I have been craving sushi as of late.  It's filling, good for you, and I can eat my weight in it and it's crazy low in points!

Unfortunately I can't really afford the $10-$12 price tag for Stix take out on a daily basis.

I've been doing some research online and decided to buy the necessary tools and try making it myself!

I've had it two days in a row for lunch and the supplies have already paid for themselves (and I have enough supplies to make it at least 8 more times).

This was yesterday's first attempt.  These would be considered California Rolls.  Typically California rolls are rice on the outside and coated with sprinkled sesame seeds but for this newbee it was easier to roll them in nori.  I picked up some sesame seeds today so I may try the "inside out" roll on another day.

I was surprised to find out that the odor (my opinion) that comes from sushi is not from the fish.  It comes from the nori, it REEKS!  Carrie B. suggested that I try the soy papers.  They work like the nori but have little or no taste or odor.

I am coming to the realization that I eat sushi primarily to consume wasabi.  I love the flavor and I even kinda like the sinus burn that comes from getting more than a tiny touch per bite.

It definitely has a learning curve.  My rice yesterday was crunchy in the middle.  Today's was much better and the sushi as a whole was better due to picking up some Gari at Price Chopper.  BTW, I was shocked and amazed at the amount of supplies, and the low price of said supplies at Price Chopper.  Kudos. 

While the rice was better, it still wasn't quite right.  Luckily I found this website and I am now confident it will be perfect next time.

How about it?  Any sushi fans out there?  All the links are to definitions so you can educate yourself much like I did.  It's fun and I'm all about learning a new skill/trade.


Jane said...

You and my "T" should get together, he loves sushi and wasabi. I'll just sit back and make faces.

Alisa said...

I don't really do sushi, but what a cool accomplishment for you. It's always fun to learn something new =)