Friday, December 10, 2010


Our children are heathens remember...

And due to their behavior they have been unplugged for the bulk of today.

Brennan is in the midst of a serious punishment that may last days and days.  We're unsure how long and have yet to decide.  I think that alone is punishment to him.

But #2 and #3 (Tanner and Eli) have had a seriously difficult time focusing on school work today.  They also seem to be in "torture each other" mode.

An easy punishment is simply to unplug for the day.  They are all grounded from anything that requires batteries or electricity.

They were super happy about the nice weather today.  They rode bikes for a bit, but otherwise Brennan and Tanner have been like this:
Tomorrow the younger kids will likely regain their technology but it's been really nice to see them engage their brains verses checking out to the Wii.


Jeff & Josie said...

Sounds like the Elliott house! Call us/e-amil - let's rendezvous in T-town in January.

-Jeff & Josie

Beth Eaton said...

Sounds severe! Should I ask what hte punishment was to deserve their being unplugged?