Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Comedic Short Ones

-Brennan has started telling the younger kids, "Do what she (Mom) says!  Don't you remember Stanley?"  To which the kids reply, "No, who's Stanley."  Brennan says, "EXACTLY!"

-While playing Wii Brennan says to Tanner, "Come on you can't let a girl beat us!!  Our reputation is on the line, and by "our" I mean "your"!"  Apparently there was a computer character they were fighting against that was female.

-Brennan came and got me out of bed this morning.  He pulled the cover down off my head and said, "Mom, sis needs changed."  Apparently she had just gotten up and smelled foul.  I walked in to the living room, she spotted me, grinned ear to ear and exclaimed, "MOMMY, I'M POOPY!"  Well, good morning to you too :)  After changing her she walked up to the bar stool and said, "I hunnery (hungry) I wanna bite."  I'm not sure what happened in the night but now my girl speaks in full sentences. 

-During prayer last night Graham was praying his typical prayer.  He thanked God for his brothers, for his Daddy, and  "everyone else."  He was laying on my lap and looked up at me and then added, "And thank you for my mommy, for her being just the way her is right now."  Sweet boy.

-Yesterday mom and I took the kids to the Legends to allow them to burn some energy.  They ran around a bit, but Tanner has money left from his birthday and was on the hunt for a Kirby "figure".  Not a doll, I was corrected.  It's an action figure, not a doll! 

We went into Claire's since they have some odds and ends.  Tanner eyed some super cute YooHoo characters (again, not dolls).  They were on sale so I encouraged him to get two.  Unfortunately, just as he headed towards them 2 pre-teen girls walked up and started going through them and commenting how cute they were. 

Tanner went into stealth mode.  He wasn't going home without them, but he wasn't about to let those girls see him.  I said, "Hey Tan, let's hurry" due to Anneliese requesting to purchase everything in the store.  Within moments she had two necklaces, a bracelet, and sunglasses on.  Tanner gave me the look.  I immediately recognized what was happening.  I didn't want to embarrass him so I collected sis and waited by the counter.  He showed up quickly with the goods and then headed to the door with NeNe while I purchased them.  He's entering into the pre-teen awkwardness himself.  Still very much a child, yet understands he needs to be and soon will be growing out of this stage. 

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Tina said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun with your family! I miss mine being younger. Keep a Family Journal like we did...write all of this down so it won't be forgotten!