Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sweet Baby

Daddy's spot, just right!
The boys and I were all dressed and ready for church.  The girl typically sleeps in and we have to wake her to get her ready for church.  At 8:30 I heard her crying out, "Mommy, Mommy!" 

I was concerned because she is a really happy little girl when she firsts gets up and for her to be crying is not a good sign.

When I entered her room she was shaking, red cheeked, and covered in yuck. 

I pulled her from bed and began stripping her down for the bath.  She's vomited 4 times this morning so far and twice it was directly on me.  NEAT :) 

On a positive note, she watched Cinderella for the first time and absolutely loved Gus Gus and Lucifer (the cat).  It was precious to me because it's one of my favorites of all times.  I purchased it while she was still in the womb. 

This really seems out of the blue.  We were all sick around Christmas and she never really got it.  It's odd that she would have it now.  Apparently we're dealing with something new.  Again...NEAT :)

Jared and I went to the hospital to meet Wendy last night and I am hoping to go back this afternoon if she wants me to. 

Obviously this situation has nothing to do with me, but at the same time it has a lot of parallels to my Dad's passing.  Please pray I can be what she needs and use my experience to help her and not bring my baggage along.  I would covet prayers for strength on my part, and for comfort and peace on Wendy's.   

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Alisa said...

poor little thing!! Hope she feels better soon =)

Missed you today!