Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miss Me

-We get back to the Wednesday night swing of things tonight!  I'm so excited.  I miss my friends!

-Envy is a dangerous thing.  I was blissfully ignorant about the world of high priced denim.  At Thanksgiving our cousin came to the celebration adorably dressed.  She had on white stitched denim jeans, high heals, and a super cute little jacket. 

At Christmas my niece and sis n law came to the celebration with similar adorable jeans and Hannah enlightened me.  I decided to search on eBay for the super cute jeans and found a pair for $35.  I was thrilled since they can run as high as $150.  Something no one told me is that they run small.  Like for teenagers who haven't had 5 kids (hopefully).  They are what size I normally wear and they don't even come up over my rump.  So I have declared that "Miss Me" jeans are stupid.  Case closed...

-I am really looking forward to the Woman's retreat.  It's a fun day and a half of giggling and fellowship.  There are a lot of people that go that I don't get to see regularly and it's a blessing to reunite and spend time together. 

-I now have "skinny hair."  I have been researching this treatment for fuzzy hair and was able to find the products and have Natasha apply it saving me hundreds.  For my length of hair it would cost $3-400 to have it done in a salon.  I'm eager to see what it looks like when I'm finally able to wash it on Friday.  You read that right, Friday.  I really miss washing my hair :)  I'll post pics post bathing.


Alisa said...

Don't jean makers know they will sell more if they run big and you can buy a smaller size than normal vs. having to buy a bigger size? duh!

Can't wait to see your hair!

Shannon said...

You read my mind Alisa! I thought this morning, "The person in charge of sizing must be male. Anyone woman knows that "vanity sizing" will attract more woman buyers." To make them smaller is just STUPID. After I got them I looked online and talked to a few people and sure enough everyone says, "They run really small." SO STUPID!

Beth Eaton said...

That's why they're called "Miss Me" jeans and not "Mrs. Me" jeans. They're aren't for women that have kids...nonetheless they are adorable!

Shannon said...

Beth, that NEVER occurred to me. HOW FUNNY. That makes perfect sense. Well, I guess since I'm an adult with 5 children I should be glad that I'm not a Miss anymore :)