Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Much For That

Our littlest went through a potty training spell a couple months ago.  Naive me thought we were on the verge break through.

After about a week she decided she was really over it and using diapers was MUCH easier...for her anyway.

Today I decided to break out the Dora panties since she took off her own diaper, pulled out a wipe and wiped herself this morning.  She announces when she needs changing and keeps removing her diaper.  She proved before she has the ability to control herself.  So here we go.

Anneliese LOVES Dora.  So I told her, "We don't pee pee on Dora Sis.  We potty in the potty."  I must have told her 20 times.  Within about 15 minutes of putting her Dora panties on she asked to potty.  I scooped her up, took her to the bathroom, and she successfully "pottied in the potty." 

About 10 minutes passes and I hear a shout from upstairs.  Anneliese is yelling in a happy sing songy voice, "Mommmmyyyyy, I peeeeeeeed onnn DOOOOORA!!!  I peeeed on DOOORA DOOORA DOOORA  de duauahhdnndnaaaa!!!!"

Translated, "Dora Dora Dora the Explorer!"

Something was lost in translation.


Becky said...

LOL! I cracked up reading day you can laugh at my parenting experiences. :-) Love ya sis!

Alisa said...

sooo funny! Brittney was very similar. At 2 she did just great for about 2 weeks and then she was done with it. I didn't force it and at 2.5 she did it all on her own and NEVER had another accident. Girls are sooooo much easier than boys in this area =)